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Research Projects

Research Activities

The work toward achieving the Center’s objectives is organized in a number of projects. This includes both application specific projects and projects related to the development of new conceptual tools applicable to a wide range of problems. PhD students or postdocs are assigned to each project. All the projects require collaboration from researchers from two or three cores; on the other hand, the projects could be also classified to one or another core by the dominating component. Below, we list the main projects. We plan to consider other projects as needs arise.
  • Multiscale numerical concepts. Project leader: Efendiev
  • Mathematical analysis of models describing multiscale processes in porous media. Project leader: Markowich
  • Composite porous media materials. Project leader: Lagoudas
  • Uncertainty quantification of porous media models from microscale to macroscale. Project leader: Mallick
  • Dynamic data driven computational science. Project leader: Douglas
  • Visualization of porous media and porous media simulations. Project leader: Hadwiger
  • High performance solvers for porous media problems. Project leader: Paszynski
  • Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and compositional grading in petroleum reservoirs. Project leader: Sun
  • An investigation of scale transitions with hydrologic interfaces: a key factor for biogeochemistry evolution in the vadose zone. Project leader: Mohanty
  • Multiscale simulation of fractured deformable subsurface formations. Project leader: Calo
  • Modeling and simulation of processes in the fuel cells' porous membrane. Project leader: Helmig
  • Computer simulation of coupled microscale and macroscale filtration and separation processes. Project leader: Iliev