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Research Objectives

The NumPor SRI Center seeks to integrate the full research and development chain. Numpor’s integration starts from fundamental research on multiscale porous media, through data processing, software development, efficient simulations and visualization of the porous media and the simulation results, up to the study of selected porous media applications and to collaboration with the industry. NumPor is developing a thorough teaching program for these areas. The completeness of this chain is important for the success of the future long-term research and teaching activities in KAUST, for which NumPor is considered as a first step targeted at establishing this background.

The objectives of NumPor are as follows.

  • To conduct world-class fundamental research and to develop innovative concepts for modeling and analysis of multiscale porous media problems. 
  • To develop high quality algorithms and software for numerical simulations, for data processing, as well as for visualization of porous media and of simulation results. 
  • To perform rigorous and advanced studies on selected applications related to traditional porous media (geological materials: soil and rock) and to technical porous media (industrial materials: nonwoven and membrane filtering media, fuel cells membranes). 
  • To develop a thorough teaching program in the area of numerical porous media.
  • To assure intensive transfer of knowledge in the area of numerical porous media from internationally renowned research centers to KAUST by attracting prominent researchers and young promising scientists and organizing an extensive visiting program for intensive collaborative research and influential teaching.