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Postdocs and Ph.D. Students


The Numerical Porous Media (NumPor) Strategic Research Initiative at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has several postdoc and Ph.D. student positions available in the integrated area of porous media modeling and simulations. NumPor is uniquely positioned to contribute to porous media research in several directions including subsurface applications and industrial porous materials, and interact with industry in the region.

We are looking for postdocs and Ph.D. students with experience in modeling and simulations in porous media. Specific areas of expertise are:

  1. Multiscale simulation in filtration. Required Experience: developing algorithms and software for CFD applications; modeling and simulation of solid-liquid, or gas-liquid separation; C++; team work. Desired experience in some of the fields of: multiscale problems; simulation of particle trajectories under different forces (for spherical and/or for non-spherical, rigid and/or non-rigid particles); fluid interaction with porous structures; HPC; collaboration with industry.
  2. Fuel cells. Required Experience: developing algorithms and software for multiphase flow in porous media; modeling and simulation of multiphysics problems; C++. Desired experience: working with DuMuX and DUNE; multiscale problems; HPC; team work.
  3. Porous media modeling and simulations. Required Experience: multiscale modeling; excellent computational skills; knowledge of fluid and solid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions; team work.
  4. Dynamic data-driven application systems (DDDAS). smart sensor experience; network communications; numerical methods for nonlinear time dependent partial differential equations is a plus; programming in C or C++ and Python; experience with parallel computers.

For Ph.D. students - The positions are open for those majoring in Applied and Computational Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. The positions will be allocated among NumPor projects that include: theoretical, computational, and industrial projects. Team work is expected. The PhD fellow will report to the professor and will be encouraged to interact with other NumPor researchers. Ph.D. students are expected to attend frequent short courses offered by renowned international visitors and learn state-of-the-art porous media software tools developed by NumPor researchers.

Salary is highly competitive. Excellent benefits are provided which include housing and medical insurance for employees (including Ph.D. students) and immediate family members.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international research university. The campus is located on the Red Sea in Thuwal which is near Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.