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Fast prediction method for steady-state heat convection


Y. Wang, B. Yu, and S. Sun, “Fast prediction method for steady-state heat convection,” Chemical Engineering & Technology, 35(4): 668–678, 2012.


Y. Wang, B. Yu, S. Sun


Galerkin projection;Heat convection;Modeling;Proper orthogonal decomposition




A reduced model by proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and Galerkin projection methods for steady-state heat convection is established on a nonuniform grid. It was verified by thousands of examples that the results are in good agreement with the results obtained from the finite volume method. This model can also predict the cases where model parameters far exceed the sample scope. Moreover, the calculation time needed by the model is much shorter than that needed for the finite volume method. Thus, the nonuniform POD-Galerkin projection method exhibits high accuracy, good suitability, and fast computation. It has universal significance for accurate and fast prediction. Also, the methodology can be applied to more complex modeling in chemical engineering and technology, such as reaction and turbulence.


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